Visit of guest scientist Kuimei Qian

Kuimei Qian (Xuzhou University of Technology, China) is visiting the Research Department for Limnology in Mondsee (Austria) for six month (Sept. 2018 – Feb. 2019). She is conducting first lab experiments and will test two ciliate species commonly found in Lake Mondsee (i.e., Coleps sp. and Urotricha castalia) and will fed them with different food […]

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3rd DACH-Meeting in Zurich

  One year left after our last meeting in Mondsee (Austria) and in June 2018, we met for a small meeting of the team members in Zurich (Switzerland) to discuss preliminary data, manuscript drafts and future plans. The meeting was organized by Thomas Posch, Gianna Pitsch and Estelle Bruni at the Limnological Station of the […]

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DGP Meeting in Cologne 2018

(picture from The project team presented first data at the annual meeting of the German Society of Protozoology (DGP) in Cologne (Germany, February 27- March 2, 2018): The idea and the workflow of the project was presented by a poster of Barbara Kammerlander (University of Innsbruck, Austria). Additionally, first morphological data of the ciliate […]

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Claus-Peter Stelzer (chair person), Barbara Kammerlander (supervisor, examiner), Laura Nachbaur, Bettina Sonntag (supervisor), Josef Wanzenböck (examiner) (photo: S. Wanzenböck) Our diploma student Laura Nachbaur has recently finished her diploma thesis on ”Explorative approach investigating life (microorganisms) in a drop of water – planktonic ciliates as model organisms in lake microbial food webs.”  

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2nd DACH-Meeting in Mondsee

After one year of intensive sampling and analyses, in May 2017, we organized a meeting of all team members and cooperation partners of Germany, Switzerland and Austria in Mondsee. During the meeting, first results and future plans were presented, discussed and finally this meeting was closed with an awesome barbecue at the Mondsee shore.  

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DGP Meeting in Meissen 2017

First data of Lakes Mondsee and Zurich were presented on the annual meeting of the German Society of Protozoology (DGP) in Meissen (Germany, February 21-24, 2017) by our diploma students Laura Nachbaur and Estelle Bruni. Laura Nachbaur (see photo) presented 6-month data of the ciliate community of Lake Mondsee and network analyses among ciliates, abiotic […]

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Lake Mondsee

Lake Mondsee (Austria) is located between Fuschlsee, Irrsee and Attersee, is 68 m deep and has an area of ~14 km². The close vicinity to Salzburg (~30 km) makes this lake attractive for visits and recreation.

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Lake sampling – Schindler-Patalas sampler

The Schindler-Patalas sampler is commonly used for limnological work and allows to sample specific depths. In principal, the upper and lower lid of the sampler are opened and after reaching the preferred depth a short upward movement closes both lids. After analyzing the samples, vertical depth gradients of organisms (ciliates, algae etc.) and of important limnochemical parameters, such as […]

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